While the engineering fields which are practiced by Skipper Consulting are focused to the areas of traffic engineering, transportation planning, and parking consulting, the areas of expertise of the staff under these broad categories are extensive. The following is a partial list of our areas of expertise:


Traffic Engineering

As traffic volumes continue to increase and construction budgets dwindle, making sure that our roadways are operating at optimal efficiency has never been more important. Skipper Consulting provides traffic engineering services for all stages of a project from conceptual layout to complete design and construction. With our experience, we provide clients the practical and creative solutions that can reduce construction costs and increase efficiency.

  • Adaptive Signal Systems

  • Access Management Studies

  • Traffic Signal Design

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Corridor Improvement Studies

  • Event Traffic Operations

  • Railroad Crossings

  • Temporary Traffic Control Plans

  • Roundabout Designs and Analysis

Transportation Planning

As resources decline and costs increase, making sure our roadways are operating at peak efficiency has is critical. Skipper Consulting provides transportation planning services from planning the long range needs of a community to detailed corridor level needs determination. With our experience we provide clients an overview of their priority based transportation needs to ensure the maximum return for the cost.

  • Long Range Transportation Planning

  • Interchange Justification Studies

  • Traffic Impact Studies

  • Travel Demand Modeling

  • Downtown Parking Studies

  • Campus Parking Assessments

  • Toll Studies

  • Safety Studies

  • Campus Master Planning

  •  School Circulation Studies

  • Noise Impact Studies


Skipper Consulting has experience in developing transit systems for campuses, metropolitan areas, and rural transit systems. We have helped our clients determine route plans and schedules, as well as stop locations and bus sizing.

  • Mass Transit Planning

  • Campus Transit Systems

Bike and Pedestrian

Bicycle and pedestrian traffic safety is a top priority for agencies. Additionally, encouraging walking and bicycling through infrastructure upgrades can aide in reducing congestion as well as increase economic development.

  • Pedestrian Safety Studies

  • Bike and Trail Planning

  • Campus Pedestrian and Bike Plans

  • Safe Routes to School